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Backup: Secure Storage for Essential Data

Backing up your PC is essential, but what if the unthinkable happens and you lost both your original data and your backup, because of a flood, for example. The safest solution is to store your backup drive somewhere else, such as a friend or relatives house, but this is not always an option, and can be quite inconvenient when you want to recover data from your backup. However, many new services are emerging online that allow you to store your backup data on remote servers hosted in a secure data centre. These services are a type of so called Cloud Computing, whereby applications are delivered to you online, typically running through your web browser. If the worst comes to the worst and you do need to recover your data, you can quickly and easily download it again from the online services, meaning that you will never lose important data again.

Category: Basics
Issue: 2009 Issue 5 August/September
Operating Systems: XP, Vista, 7
Article Reference: B12

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