How Not to Remove a Virus

When your PC gets a virus, it can be pretty annoying trying to get rid of it. Usually, all you need to do is run your anti-virus software and it will detect and remove the infection. Unfortunately, there are some infections that will always manage to slip through the net, [...]

Microsoft Fix Serious Kernel Bug

Every patch Tuesday brings a series of important updates from Microsoft, but this month’s release of Windows fixes is more important than most. That’s because Microsoft have released an update which blocks a hole in the Windows Kernel, the core component that’s at the heart of the operating system. Everything [...]

Repair the Windows 8/7/Vista TCP/IP Stack

If you’ve tried everything you can think of to cure an Internet connection problem without success, it could well mean that Windows TCP/IP parameters have become corrupt. This often happens when a virus has been removed from your system but left behind some damage. It can also happen when you [...]

Hide Text in Word

You probably know that Microsoft Excel allows you to hide certain columns or rows in a spreadsheet in order to make it easier to read, but did you know that Word also allows you to hide text in a Word document for the same purposes. This very useful feature is [...]

Internet Spying: More Scandals Affecting Your Privacy

The raging arguments about allegations that the USA has been routinely spying on Internet users, which I have previously reported on, seems to be getting worse rather than better. With more scandals circulating on a daily basis. The allegations are that the American spy agencies, with assistance from Britain’s GCHQ, [...]

HP Open a Backdoor to Hackers

A serious case has emerged that affects anyone with a HP StoreVirtual product. These large storage devices typically are used to efficiently store the data behind large websites. The only problem is that HP included a secret administrative account on the devices, but they seemingly forgot to tell customers who [...]

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