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Music Streaming on Your PC or PhoneThe days of owning music are numbered. Rather than buying CDs, or paying for ‘digital’ music to download and keep as MP3 files, the world has shifted towards streaming music instead. But how does streaming work? What does it cost – and does it have to cost anything at all? In this article, I’ll explain …

Category: Multimedia
Operating Systems:
Reference: M950

Questions and AnswersHere you will find the Questions & Answers from update 06/2019. …

Category: Questions and Answers
Operating Systems:
Reference: QA062019

Tips and NewsHere you will find the Tips and News from update 06/2019. …

Category: Tips & News
Operating Systems:
Reference: TN0619

USB Flash Drives: Tips for Trouble-Free UseThese tiny devices are cheap, reliable and easy to use, whether you want to transfer files from one device to another or store backups of your personal documents somewhere safe. But, as with any computing gadget, things don’t always go smoothly: how should you take care of a flash drive? What can you do if …

Category: Hardware
Operating Systems:
Reference: U608

Windows: Rescue Your PC with System RestoreYou switch on your PC one day and Windows won’t start, or the computer is running at a snail’s pace, or you’ve been infected by malware that won’t go away… When you can’t find any other solution, it’s time to turn to the System Restore feature to put things right. In this article, I’ll explain …

Category: Hardware, Installation & Setup, Troubleshooting
Operating Systems:
Reference: W289

Word: Using Word to Spice Up Your DocumentsWhether you’re designing a greeting card, a poster or a party invitation, text alone isn’t going to grab anyone’s attention: what you need is a well-chosen picture or two! In Microsoft Word, pictures are more than just an optional extra – there are all sorts of useful features to help you make a dull slab …

Category: Office & Software Programs
Operating Systems:
Reference: W578