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Battery Matters: Get More from Your NotebookOn your way out of the door, you grab your notebook or tablet PC. But when you’re settled on the train and switch it on, you discover its battery has only an hour’s life left. Why so little? And more urgently, is there anything you can do about it? There certainly is, and in this …

Category: Tips & Tricks
Operating Systems:
Reference: B085

Dealing with Error Messages on Your PCThe various messages that pop up on your PC’s screen are a lot like the lights on the dashboard of your car: they don’t necessarily mean there’s a problem, but they are all trying to tell you something. The trouble is, on your PC they often don’t tell you very clearly! In this article, I’ll …

Category: Troubleshooting
Operating Systems:
Reference: D050

Google Maps: Route Planning OnlineThanks to the Internet, we can forget the days of pulling into lay-bys to pore over road maps and argue about what we should have done at the last roundabout. Instead, just turn to Google’s online route planning. In a few easy minutes, you can find the best route to your destination and check how …

Category: Tips & Tricks
Operating Systems:
Reference: G525

October Update: What’s New in Windows 10?As a Windows 10 user you receive a new version of Windows roughly every six months. The latest is known as the ‘October 2018 Update’. It’s not completely new, of course, so you won’t have any trouble using it, but there are some new features you may want to use, along with a few other …

Category: Updates
Operating Systems:
Reference: O100

Questions & AnswersHere you will find the Questions & Answers from update 02/2019. …

Category: Questions and Answers
Operating Systems:
Reference: QA0219

Tips & NewsHere you will find the Tips and News from update 02/2019. …

Category: Tips & News
Operating Systems:
Reference: TN0219