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Security Errors Putting Your PC at Risk

If someone repeats an incorrect statement enough times, eventually people will start to think that it’s true. That’s definitely the case on the Internet, where I come across websites that contain incorrect security advice all of the time, and which really make me worried.

Statements such as ‘my firewall protects me from hackers’ are wrong, but are often repeated. Even manufacturers such as Microsoft spread this misinformation, for example, that an active firewall provides total protection for a PC.

As with the fairytale that a firewall is all you need to protect your PC, there are other misconceptions that can lead to serious problems. The fact is that a computer system you think is safe is often easy for hackers to infiltrate. I have brought together four of the most common security misconceptions that are floating around the Internet and I’ll show you how to really minimise the risks.

Category: Internet & Security, Issues
Issue: 2018 Issue 7 July
Operating Systems: 7, 8, 10
Article Reference: S478

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