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Boot Configuration for Lightning Fast Startup

There’s no doubt about it. Whatever version of Windows you have, powering up the system can take a long time. This is especially the case after you have had the system for a while and it has accumulated all kinds of background software that makes the whole process drag on and on. Every startup seems to take forever because Windows loads each program and service from scratch. However, using the sleep or hibernate mode, you can start your system much faster. Either Windows will enter a low power mode but keep all data in the RAM, or save the entire state of your system to a file on your hard drive so it can be loaded again very quickly. Use the steps in this article to configure sleep and hibernate for faster Windows startups.

Category: Basics, Issues, Optimisation
Issue: 2017 Issue 3 March
Operating Systems: 7, 8, 10
Article Reference: B201

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