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All-in-one Device Error Troubleshooting

Why have your office cluttered with a printer, scanner and fax machine? These days, so-called all-in-one devices that combine printer, scanner and fax are so cheap, you may as well get a single device that does everything. Most all-in-one devices can be used as a photocopier too, meaning practically every office function you need is available from a single box. This convenience does come at a price though: three times the potential problems! If an error does occur with your device, it could be with the printer, scanner or fax component, or even Windows itself. Don’t worry, because help is at hand. In this article, we’ll look atthe common problems that occur with all-in-one devices and how to fix them on your Windows 10, 8.1 or 7 system.

Category: Issues, Troubleshooting
Issue: 2017 Issue 3 March
Operating Systems: 7, 8, 10
Article Reference: A401

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