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How Can I Permanently Disable Internet Explorer Runtime Errors?

Question: ‘I use Internet Explorer to surf the Web. Every now and again, the following error message appears:
A Runtime Error has occurred. Do you wish to Debug?
Line: line number
Error: nature of script error

When I click No, I can continue to work but the error message gets in my way and keeps cropping up. I have already checked on various websites for the cause of the problem but, other than being advised to switch to Firefox, I can’t seem to find a permanent solution. How can I stop this runtime error once and for all?

Answer: Follow these steps to stop the error message in Internet Explorer: Click on the Tools menu (press the [Alt] key if the Tools menu isn’t shown), then click on Internet Options. Next, click on the Advanced tab, then tick the options Disable script debugging (Internet Explorer) and Disable script debugging (Other). This will ensure that the error messages (which are only of interest to web developers) will not be shown in future.

Having a fault in the Internet Explorer web cache can also be the cause of script errors.

Empty Internet Explorer’s cache while you still have the Internet Options window open. On the General tab, click Delete, ensure that the first two options are selected, then click on Delete again.