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Alternate Splitter

Alternate Splitter is a useful tool when you need to split a file or merge several documents into a single one. You can use it when you have a very large file you need to send by email, but the file exceeds the attachment size of your email account. All you need to do is split the file into several small segments, and send each one individually. The tool is simple to use and features a friendly interface. Alternate Splitter allows you to easily divide a file into several fragments, based on its size. Next you need to select the size of the fragments from the drop down menu, which offers you several options given in KB. Alternate Splitter also allows you to combine split files back together, by loading a list of separate files and then choosing the name and location of the file to combine them back into.

Category: PC Basics
Operating Systems: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10