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Windows 10 DPI Fix

Windows is configured to automatically detect your monitor’s size and display the desktop at the appropriate scaling level. However, if you want to modify the default settings and alter the default DPI scaling to make icons and text larger and easier to read, some windows might seem blurry, especially on high-resolution widescreens. Instead of experimenting with different settings and signing out and in to apply changes, you can use Windows 10 DPI Fix. There are two options available in the main window: one to use the Windows 8.1 DPI scaling and the other to switch to the default display scaling in Windows 10. You simply have to select the desired option and click the Apply button. You then have to reboot your computer twice for the changes to take full effect. Windows 10 DPI Fix is espeically handy if your computer is equipped with a high-resolution widescreen (1920×1080 or higher) and who want to enlarge icons and text, but the content of many windows gets blurry when trying to adjust the DPI scaling manually to 125% or more.

Category: PC Basics
Operating Systems: 10