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If all websites just consisted of plain text and images, they wouldn’t pose a security threat at all. But, the modern web is highly dynamic, so much so that a web page now can be used to run an entire application such as a word processor. That’s all thanks to scripting languages such as JavaScript, which while allowing websites to be very interactive also pose a major threat to your security by giving hackers a way to run code on your PC. NoScript is an extension for Mozilla Firefox, designed to prevent JavaScript scripts from being executed by your browser. You can configure the extension to display message in the toolbar when scripts are blocked, but otherwise it will just block them silently in the background. It is possible to add websites to a whitelist, so that you can ensure that sites you trust are always allowed to run scripts on your system, and if you are on a webpage and there are some important functions disabled by NoScript it is possible to unblock the script temporarily with just a few clicks.

Category: 2015 Issue 11 November, Issues, Security
Operating Systems: XP, Vista, 7, 8