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 When you are working on your computer, chances are that you do not like it when other people look over your shoulder and take a peek at your emails, chat messages or the website you are currently viewing. People get even nosier when you leave your desk for a few minutes, so the answer is to use KeyLock to lock your PC and prevent unauthorised usage. Using the program you can turn a spare USB memory stick into a key for your PC. When it is connected the PC is unlocked, but remove it and the machine becomes locked. Just run the install tool and choose the USB drive to turn into a key. You can then use the tool to personalise the way your screen looks when you have locked it. You can apply a custom wallpaper or choose from one of the available styles. You can even compose a special message that is displayed on your locked screen, warning nosey passers-by that the PC cannot be accessed until the correct device is connected.

Category: 2015 Issue 6 June, Issues, Security
Operating Systems: XP, Vista, 7, 8