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Network Diagnosis in Windows

How to Successfully Find and Resolve Network Errors Immediately Using the Free Network Diagnostic Tools in Windows 8/7
A network can go wrong in so many different ways as there are so many different components involved: the physical connection, the networking protocols necessary for communication and their correct configuration, as well as security measures such as your firewall. All this complexity makes searching for an error very difficult in times of crisis. You can use the professional level network tools that Windows has available such as IPCONFIG, NETSTAT or NETSH but they can be quite complex.
So, make it easy on yourself, and use the user-friendly network troubleshooter in Windows. In this article, I’ll show you how to find and resolve network errors immediately using Windows 8/7 built-in features.

Category: Networks
Issue: 2014 Issue 3 February/March
Operating Systems: 7, 8
Article Reference: N240