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Windows 7: Ultimate Crash Protection

Minimise the Risk of Windows 7 Crashes to Future Proof Your System and Avoid Expensive Upgrades

They say that prevention is the best medicine, and nowhere is that more true than the world of Windows. Microsoft may have forgotten about Windows 7 in their quest to promote Windows 8, but there are millions of satisfied Windows 7 users out there who have no intention of upgrading. There’s no reason why you should upgrade either, since while Windows 7 is a very capable operating system, Windows 8’s touch screen interface makes it difficult to use. So, if you intend to stick with Windows 7 for the long term, there are certain maintenance steps you should take to make sure your system remains in tip top condition, and avoids the kinds of problems that can lead to serious system crashes and data loss.

Follow the steps in this article to prepare your Windows 7 machine for years of trouble-free computing.

Category: Optimisation
Issue: 2014 Issue 1 December/January
Operating Systems: 7
Article Reference: W745

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