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Network Problems Solved Quickly

Creating a network has many advantages, since you can share programs, files and resources (such as printers and Internet connections) between PCs. However, a network connection can suffer from many different problems, since it is dependent on multiple components: the physical or wireless connection, the protocols that are required by the network and their correct configuration, as well as security tools such as a firewall. When all of these different components combine, searching for errors isn’t easy. The process is sped up by using a checklist that systematically tracks down the error and offers a quick solution. In this article, you will find information and strategies to resolve typical problems in Windows XP/Vista/7 networks, and the content is structured around common types of problem. You’ll find out how to systematically troubleshoot each and every network error you come across to quickly find a solution.

Category: Issues, Networks
Issue: 2012 Issue 4 May/June
Operating Systems: XP, Vista, 7
Article Reference: N350

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