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What’s the Keyboard Key Showing a Menu and Mouse Pointer?

When Windows 95 arrived on the scene, Microsoft convinced keyboard manufacturers to add several new keys especially for Windows users. One was the Windows (or “Win”) key, which has a picture of a wavy flag on it.

Another was this ’Menu and Mouse Pointer’ key, which tend to get ignored.This is known as the Menu key, and it’s an alternative to right-clicking something. If you find it difficult to right-click, you can do a normal click instead (using the left mouse button) and then press the Menu key. This displays the context menu you’d normally see if you right-clicked.

The whole idea of right-clicking was brand new in Windows 95. Previously, the right mouse-button did nothing at all. As a result, there were mice around that only had one button, because that was all they really needed. This Menu key allowed users with one-button mice to get at all the right-click options their mouse was denying them.