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XP Activation Secrets and Tips

Most XP users are aware that their version of Windows is the first to include Microsofts product activation. At the time of Windows XPs release, activation was a hot discussion topic. Some users felt that it was unreasonable to restrict their usage of a product that they had purchased outright. While there was much focus on the rights and wrongs of product activation, much less was said about how it worked, or how to get the best from it. For example, did you know that re-installing Windows, or even slightly changing your hardware configuration, could mean that you have to reactivate your copy of Windows? This article describes the activation process and shows you how to take control over it, to avoid unnecessary and time-consuming calls to the activation phone line.

Category: Installation & Setup
Issue: 2006 Issue 1 January/February
Operating Systems: XP
Article Reference: X9