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XP: Essential Hacker Recovery Steps

The rise of the broadband Internet connection has opened up a new world of Internet usage for many people. Having high-speed access to the Internet means having access to an experience thats worlds apart from the dark days of dial-up. And its all available in an instant, with no waiting around for a blue bar to crawl slowly from left to right across the screen. Furthermore, a broadband connection is always on. As soon as the PC has booted it connects to the Internet and remains connected until shutdown. This extended online time, coupled with a big fat pipe, offers a whole host of opportunities for technically gifted individuals the world over to wreak havoc on your Windows XP PC. So, if you have a broadband connection youve probably already been hacked. Read on to find out what you can do about it.

Category: Internet & Security
Issue: 2007 Issue 1 January/February
Operating Systems: XP
Article Reference: X29

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