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XP: PC Cleanup for a Stable System

Windows runs at its optimum performance when it is first installed. The more software you install, the more your hard drive becomes full and fragmented, and the slower your PC will run. By cleaning up your PC to get it back to its just installed performance, you can minimise the errors that are likely to occur and more easily track them down when they do. Giving your PC a clean start will also make it run faster, so regular PC spring cleaning is essential. As well as removing old programs that are no longer used, there are essential maintenance steps that must be taken to improve how your hard drive is used and to check that your system files are not corrupt. By following the steps in this article you will be able to clean old files and settings from your XP system, and automate the tasks so that Windows takes care of them automatically.

Category: Optimisation
Issue: 2006 Issue 4 June/July
Operating Systems: XP
Article Reference: X23

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