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XP: Give Your System a Complete Security Audit

Auditing your PCs security means checking all of the potential weak points that a hacker or virus might exploit to gain access to your computer. Regularly auditing is essential, as it means you will catch and repair any problems before a hacker does and your PC will stay secure. Finding weaknesses in your PCs networking system are the main concern, and what most hackers and virus writers will try to exploit, for the simple fact that your PC can be most easily attacked remotely across the Internet, without the hacker needing physical access to the machine. Due to the stealthy methods used, you wont even notice that most hacker attacks are in progress until it is too late, and may not realise that your PC has been compromised for months after. In this article, well show you the steps to analyse and improve your PCs Internet security, meaning that you stay safe online.

Category: Internet & Security
Issue: 2009 Issue 6 September/October
Operating Systems: XP
Article Reference: X2

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