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USB: Troubleshooting Common Faults

There are two faces to USB. Firstly, it is the great success story of the computing world. A common interface that allows the interconnection and daisy chaining of computer peripherals. No more problems with having the wrong cable, USB will solve them all. This is great in theory but any telephone support service for PC users will tell you just how frequently USB can become a problem. USB is astonishingly close to perfect (for a computer product!), but that makes it even more unexpected when things do go wrong. This article provides a basic introduction to USB. It also gives detailed information on troubleshooting. With all of this under your belt, you should be able to go on regarding USB as the great success that it is, rather than as the problem that it can be.

Category: Troubleshooting
Issue: 2006 Issue 8 December/January
Operating Systems: 2000, XP
Article Reference: U5

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