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Optimisation: Crucial Steps for a Super-fast PC

As you use your PC it becomes cluttered and corrupt, and will soon start to feel a lot more sluggish than when you first bought it. There are many reasons for this junk files start to accumulate, and the hard drive becomes fragmented, for example. But it doesnt have to stay like that. With a little bit of expert know-how, you can optimise your PC, clearing out the clutter and getting it back up to peak performance. Not only will you minimise the risk of crashes, youll have to spend less time waiting around for Windows to respond, meaning you can get on with the tasks you want to do. Well show you the seven essential secrets of optimisation in this article.

Category: Optimisation
Issue: 2011 Issue 4 May/June
Operating Systems: XP, Vista, 7
Article Reference: O11