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Maintenance: Essential Routine Steps for Vista & XP

Performing regular maintenance on your PC is an essential task that you need to do in order to keep your computer running efficiently. Just like a car, your PC is a complex machine that needs frequent health checks. By routinely auditing your system, you will increase the chances of spotting problems and be able to fix them before they turn into major system issues; these could ultimately cause data to be lost or even Windows to fail. This article focuses on essential steps for Windows Vista and XP that you can easily do, without impacting too much on your computing time. Following the step-by-step tutorials, you will learn how to efficiently use Event Viewer to identify and fix system-wide issues. Reading this article will also show you how to deep-scan your hard disk partitions and mark bad sectors to prevent severe problems in the future. Using the free software on this website will also give you the power to: streamline your computers hard disk space; create a remote email archive that you can access at anytime; and compact the Windows registry to boost efficiency and make your version of Windows even more reliable than before.

Category: Installation & Setup
Issue: 2010 Issue 9 December/January
Operating Systems: XP, Vista
Article Reference: M23

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