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Maintenance: Essential Steps to Spring Clean Windows

Your computer is a complex machine that needs attention every once in a while to keep it in good working order. If youre a car owner, for example, then youll know how important regular servicing is and what can happen if you dont regularly care for your investment. The same is true for your PC. Every year you should think about carrying out some form of PC maintenance in order to keep your computer running as smoothly as possible. As well as problems occurring within the Windows operating system or on the hard disk, there can also be physical dangers during the year, such as the build-up of dust inside your PC. Over time, this innocent looking dust can clog cooling fans, vents, and even cause components to fail due to its insulating property which inhibits heat dissipation from circuit boards. By reading this article and using the free software on this website, youll be able to easily spring clean your computer from the inside out. By following our hands-on tutorials, youll also gain the knowledge to service your PC every year to keep it running smoothly.

Category: Optimisation
Issue: 2010 Issue 1 February/March
Operating Systems: XP, Vista, 7
Article Reference: M22

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