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Graphics: Upgrade Your Video Card in a Flash

If you have purchased a low- to mid-range desktop computer in the last few years, then there’s a good chance that the motherboard inside it has integrated graphics. Unless you opted at the time to upgrade its graphics capability with a dedicated 2D/3D card, then your computer will probably be using a built-in graphics chipset for its video display. For general use this can often be an adequate solution for running software that doesn’t require any advanced visual features. However, if you want to run applications, games, etc. that render high-resolution textured 3D scenes in realtime, for example, then this low-performance embedded graphics architecture will not be powerful enough. The good news is that you can upgrade your computer’s video capability by installing a high-performance video card yourself. This will negate the need for you to take it to a computer shop, for instance, which would charge labour costs for this simple procedure. By reading this article you will discover how to plan ahead to make your upgrade as painless as possible. You will also learn about the added benefits of having a dedicated graphics card installed in your machine.

Category: Hardware
Issue: 2011 Issue 3 April/May
Operating Systems: XP, Vista, 7
Article Reference: G2

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