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Configuration: 7 Essential Steps to Optimise Your PC

Before the days of the GUI (graphical user interface), PC users had to work in a text-based environment to carry out tasks and troubleshoot problems. Even though the DOS environment is long gone, many users still prefer to use this type of interface for quickly performing tasks. Referred to as the command prompt in Windows, this text mode has been included in every release right up to Windows 7. By using this pseudo-DOS environment, you can deal with deeper problems that often cant be fixed using the GUI. Its therefore a very powerful ally in combating the more troublesome problems you may encounter. By reading this article you will discover some of the more obscure tools that are lurking in the command prompt, and how these can be used to drill down into Windows internals to fix even serious problems like a hard disk that wont boot!

Category: Optimisation
Issue: 2009 Issue 8 November/December
Operating Systems: XP
Article Reference: C6

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