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AntiVirus The Ultimate Virus Survival Guide

Viruses and other malware infections are the biggest threat to the smooth running of your PC. The only way to be entirely sure that you are never infected with a virus is to never connect your PC to the Internet, and never insert any floppy disks, CD-ROMs or other media that could possibly carry infection. Of course, this is not really an option in todays connected world. The second best solution is to use a combination of security software, such as virus checkers and firewalls, along with a high security configuration for your Windows environment, and most importantly the use of common sense when browsing the Internet and opening files. This article will show you how to recognise a virus infection, and introduce the best security settings for Windows, along with the seven essential tips for preventing viruses and other Internet nasties from ruining your PC.

Category: Internet & Security
Issue: 2005 Issue 7 October/November
Operating Systems: XP
Article Reference: A1

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